Wheaties Box

Packaging Projects

 Using ArtiosCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and ESKO Store Visualizer, I was able to recreate what it would be like to be on a Wheaties box… minus all the work of being an all-star athlete.


I started by creating the Wheaties Box in ArtiosCAD.  I built the model from scratch using an actual Wheaties Box as reference.  Once the box was created, I exported the blank over into Adobe Illustrator where I began to apply the graphics:

With the graphics complete, it was back into ArtioCAD where I uploaded the blank onto the 3D model. The Wheaties Box was complete.   To take it a step further, I utilized a program called Store Visualizer by ESKO.  Here I was able to recreate what the package would look like on store shelves in a grocery store I created.